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APRO Technologie GmbH
Im Hülsenfeld 19
D-40721 Hilden
Phone +49 (0)2103-398 72-0
Fax +49 (0)2103-398 72-11

short description of APRO (PDF)

bead applicator HM4000 standard with 1 - 8 modules A200-PRO

APRO applicator heads have been developed for use in rough industrial environment. The applicators comply with all present technical and safety relevant requirements. All applicators have a large glue filter fitted into the heater body as standard.

bead applicator HM4000 + click to enlarge

Technical data

operating voltage 120/240 VAC PNPE
frequency 50/60 Hz
sensor PT100 - NI120 - Fe/Ko - NTC
temperature range 20-200 °C
glue pressure max. 10MPa (100 bar)
air pressure 600 kPa (6 bar)
max. total width 198 mm
valve speed 2.000/min.

Application area:

hygiene industry, packaging industry, paper converting industry, filter industry, product assembly
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