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APRO Technologie GmbH
Im Hülsenfeld 19
D-40721 Hilden
Phone +49 (0)2103-398 72-0
Fax +49 (0)2103-398 72-11

short description of APRO (PDF)

APRO rotary screen printing unit

APRO®s solution for rotary screen printing is called Screen Coat. This application method has been developed in 2000. Since then we improved it continuously. This printing unit is used to manufacture individual labels, but more often for production of breathable coated composites used in the textile or medical industry. Our customers are able to print continuous adhesive geometries with precision, no other application system can achieve. Screen Coat provides single repeats within 15 and 30 inch circumference. We manufacture this printing unit up to 2.000 mm (80 inch) application width. The integration of the unit in existing machines is a usual requirement for us.
The current model is supplied without registration control. The unit can be upgraded with the worlds leading technology from Bosch-Rexroth for register control and integrated into all existing machines.