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APRO Technologie GmbH
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D-40721 Hilden
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Transfer Coat flexo printing unit

The flexoprinting system Transfer-Coat is specially designed for partial contact hotmelt coating of any kind narrow webs, e.g. paper, foil, fabrics or tissue. The application pattern is to be designed as graphic layout at the pre-printing office and will be transferred by laser technology onto a rubber cylinder called sleeve. By using sleeve-technology we can offer a simple and cheap way for handling multiple patterns. Also the repeat, this is the circumference of a sleeve, is variable and fits into the rotary printing market. We can supply any tool between 12 and 24 inch in 1/8 inch steps. By this the manufacturer has every possibility up to a maximum pattern length of 609,6 mm.

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Technical data

coating width 250-500 mm
sleeve sizes 12-24
machine speed 5-80 m/min.
coat weight 15-40 g/m²
weight tolerance +/- 10%

Application area:

label manufacturing, medical industry, paper converting industry, film converting industry, textile industry
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