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APRO Technologie GmbH
Im Hülsenfeld 19
D-40721 Hilden
Phone +49 (0)2103-398 72-0
Fax +49 (0)2103-398 72-11

short description of APRO (PDF)

drum melter FS200 with gear pump

APRO drum melters are used for melting and delivering high amounts of hotmelt adhesive. If an adhesive supply unit is not capable to melt the required amount of adhesive in time, or the glue will be only available in drums, drum melters are used. They melt and deliver the adhesive carefully and in most cases keep up the level of a melt unit or reservoir. For even higher requirements 2 bulk melters will we arranged to a tandem unit.

drum melter FS200 + click to enlarge

Technical data

operating voltage 400 VAC, 3 PNPE
frequency 50/60 Hz
heating power 24.000 Watt
melt rate 60-200 kg/h, materialbedingt
pump rate 10-300 kg/H
sensor PT100 - NI120 - Fe/Ko
temperature range 20-230 °C
glue pressure bis 10 MPa (100 bar)
air pressure 600 kPa (6 bar)

Application area:

paper converting industry, filter industry, textile industry, automotive industry
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