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APRO Technologie GmbH
Im Hülsenfeld 19
D-40721 Hilden
Phone +49 (0)2103-398 72-0
Fax +49 (0)2103-398 72-11

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spray applicator HMS4000-Summit
standard heads with 1 - 24 modules A200-SU-PRO

spray applicator HMS4000-Summit APRO spray applicators SU use the Summit style of spray application, the little swirl spray pattern with 1-4 openings at one nozzle. Summit patterns start at 3 mm width and end at 24 mm.
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Finding and providing new technologies

APRO was founded in 1992 and belongs to the small group of technology leaders in the hotmelt machinery business. We are always looking forward to realise new ideas. Therefore we analyse the situation together with the customer and finalise a new concept.

Our range of products increases continuously and optimised applications will find our customers. It is our one and only intention, to fully concentrate on you for finding the best answer.

Our know-how has brought us lots of customers in the past. We would appreciate if we can also call YOU our customer.